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Provincial Governments to Help in Revitalizing Bingo Business

The bingo business in Canada has been suffering from a continuing decline for which the provincial governments of Ontario and Prince Edward Island are extending the help needed to revitalize the once popular industry.

The government of Ontario, for one, is allowing its cities to install electronic bingo equipment as this would modernize the classic tumbling bingo balls. Yet the province with a more determined plan of action is the rural Prince Edward Island (PEI), as it already spent as much as $22,000 for consultancy fees. The PEI government is proposing the allotment of as much as $140,000 to finance the resuscitation programs recommended by consultants, as a means to save the province’s dying bingo industry.

A spokesperson from PEI’s Department of Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs explained that the steps being taken are actually part of a strategy to secure the important roles played by the charitable organizations. The region’s state officials are recognizing the fact that these recreational gambling facilities are important sources of revenues for the local charitable institutions.

CBC News reported in 2010 that around 6,000 charities in Canada benefitted from the more than $250 million annual revenues generated by the country’s charity-devoted bingo halls. Today, it is estimated that the number of charity organizations that receive funding from bingo operations has dwindled down to about 3,000. CBC further accounted that PEI’s bingo industry started experiencing continuing decline since 2006, from previous annual net revenues of $1.2 million until it dropped by as much as 50 percent or $635,000 by the end of 2012.


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