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Play Slots Strategy Games

Time and time again, we have explained to our readers that there truly is no Slots Strategies.  In fact, unless you are counting luck and a gut feeling, then isn’t and has really never been a strategy of any kind for slots game playing.  However, remember that if you don’t play, you can’t win, but also […]

The Difference Between Slots & Pokies Games

Is there any real difference between slots and pokies besides the what’s in the name?  Originally, pokies referred to games of electronic poker, but now they really just refer to games that you poke with your finger – which is where slots have also evolved to.  When talking about physical, old-school gaming devices, then yes […]


Casino Slot Games

Provincial Governments to Help in Revitalizing Bingo Business The bingo business in Canada has been suffering from a continuing decline for which the provincial governments of Ontario and Prince Edward Island are extending the help needed to revitalize the once popular industry. The government of Ontario, for one, is allowing its cities to install electronic […]


Puzzles and Other Games

Puzzles have been widely acknowledged to be games that expand the mind, and have been used for centuries as teaching tools for young students.  Recent studies have shown that puzzles, such as crosswords and jigsaw puzzles can be used to keep the mind sharp as people grow older.  These studies have also shown that use […]


Strategy Games and Slots

Have a different kind of playing experience by spending time with ghostly beings still in search of treasures. In “The Ghost Pirates” online slot created by Net Entertainment, a phantom ship captain will be there to haunt every spin of the wheel, but players will find themselves praying that he will land on positions where […]

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